The European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB)

The Voice of Co-operative Banks

The European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) represents, promotes and defends the common interests of its 27 member institutions and of cooperative banks, with regard to banking as well as to co-operative legislation.

Founded in 1970, today the EACB is a leading professional lobbying association in the European banking industry. Co-operative banks play a major role in the financial and economic system.

They contribute widely to stability thanks to their anti-cyclical behaviour, they are driver of local and social growth with 4,050 locally operating banks and 58,000 outlets, they serve 210 million customers, mainly consumers, SMEs and communities.

Europe’s co-operative banks represent 81 million members and 749,000 employees and have an average market share of about 20%.

Our Working Groups

At the EACB, we work closely with our members in different working groups related to the big topics we are dealing with. Those working groups are dispatched between two departments : the Legal department and the Retail Banking, Payments, Financial Markets Department.