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The European Association of Co-operative Banks (EACB) would like to thank all the speakers and participants to this 7th Convention on Co-operative Banks, held in Brussels on 28 March. Please find below all the usefull links :

Please find the 7th EACB Convention declaration 'Co-operative Banks: The way forward' HERE

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and Mr. Gualtieri's statement HERE

The participants' folder with all the documents (speakers bios, newsletters, welcoming letter, programme, etc) can be downloaded HERE



Download the full summary of the event made by Novares

Panel 1 : Co-operative Banks adapting to a changing regulatory and supervisory context

The two keywords that emerged from Panel1 's discussions were : Diversity and Proportionality. As President Hofmann said 'we want the co-operative difference to be reflected in the regulation'. 'Regulation should not force governance changes when the business model is successful'. Another focus was compliance costs and reporting that are hampering financing capabilities. A cost benefits analysis adapted to business activities is desirable.

Panel 2 : Designing new proximity models in the era of digitalisation

This second panel focus on how digitalisation is an opportunity for co-operative banks. How can we leverage characteristics of the new digital era in a co-operative banking approach? Co-operative Banks put members as driver of the digitalisation. In this process, they want t keep the co-operative aim of community building, the customers' empowerment. Panel 2 paid special attention to the regulatory framework and the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

Panel 3 : The future of Europe

After the impulse statement from Mr. Enrico Letta, Panel 3 was a fertile debate on how European Union can become adult, stay resilient and can continue ensuring peace. The Rome Declaration shows the importance of completing the Banking Union. It enhances the proportionality and mirrors the diversity of the co-operative banking features. The role of co-operative banks in this context is to make the European project closer to the citizens via their local mission, the proximity they have with their customers.

 We look forward to meeting you again at one of the forthcoming events of our Association !

Download the full summary of the event made by Novares



The EACB biennial conference, a landmark event for co-operative banks at European and international level, will gather senior decision and policy makers from public authorities and the private sector to discuss how regulatory and technological developments are affecting the co-operative banks model as key drivers of local economic and sustainable growth and how co-operative banks are successfully adapting to a changing landscape.

The following questions will be debated :
- How is the current regulatory framework affecting co-operative banks specificities?
- How can they continue playing their key role in funding the local and regional economy?
- How are co-operative banks adjusting their proximity and members engagement in the context of digitalisation?
- What are the challenges and opportunities the future?
-What is the future for Europe in a changing context with important questions on the table?

PANEL 1 : Confirmed speakers

PANEL 2 : Confirmed speakers

PANEL 3 : Confirmed speakers

Simultaneous translation : English, French, German and Italian
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