01 January 2012

Co-operative enterprises build a better world

The UN has set up a specific committee and a dedicated webpage about the IYC, http://social.un.org/coopsyear/index.html . A communication campaign was launched with a specific logo and slogan being: “Co-operative enterprises build a better world”. The theme was chosen to draw attention to the important role of co-operatives in promoting and advancing social and economic development and to underline the entrepreneurial character of co-operatives.

National Committees

The UN has also encouraged national committees to bring together all interested parties to plan and co-ordinate events in their respective countries and provide a report on planned activities to the United Nations.

How to get involved?

The ICA in close collaboration with the United-Nations and in support of the IYC has launched several initiatives available and described in details at http://www.2012.coop/ and http://www.thenews.coop/. Another initiative available at www.stories.coop should be underlined. All along the year 2012, this website will display one story about a cooperative per day (subject to the approval of independent panel of experts from within the co-operative sector).


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