16 October 2013

Final conference of the Life Long Learning Enlargement Project-16th October 2013

On the 16th October, the final conference of the ' Life Long Learning: Follow up of the joint declaration and promotion of the EU sectorial social dialogue' also known as the LLL Enlargement Project, will take place in Brussels.

What did the LLL Enlargement Project aim for ?

Managed by UniEuropa* ( project leader),  and supported by the European Association of Co-operative Banks( EACB)* in conjunction with  the European Banking Federation ( EBF)* and the European Savings Banks Group (ESBG)*, the project was funded by the European Commission (DG EMPL).

*All European Associations are Social Partners of the European Social Dialogue.

The project aimed at :

  • following up on the joint declaration on Life Long Learning agreed between the social partners in at SSDB level SSDC in 2003 and support dissemination at national and company level.
  • Developing and encouraging the participation to the EU sectoral  social dialogue in “Bulgaria, Croatia,  and Romania. Life Long Learning is an instrument to ensuring a sustainable and dynamic banking sector in future. Life Long Learning contributes to
  • Ensuring a high quality of advice and customer service,
  • Ensuring motivated and qualified employees ensuring a competitive European finance sector in a global market,
  • Tackling the demographic challenges in Europe.

Bulgaria, Croatia,  and Romania are less, or  not involved in the European social dialogue. The European Union build on the principle of social partners playing a key role in developing and regulating labour markets. It is therefore of utmost importance that all members states, and candidates countries to become members, of the EU have strong social partners and a social dialogue based on trust.

The project focused on ensuring a follow-up of one of the good results of the European social dialogue – the Joint Declaration on Life Long Learning – and at the same time encouraging these countries to participate to the EU sectoral social dialogue which are at present not involved in the European social dialogue in the banking sector. The work to integrate the new countries focused also – but not only – on life long learning.

Two recent EU countries, Cyprus and Malta, functioned as a example in order to enrich the knowledge and understanding of the social dialogue of the social partners in the banking sector by exchanging information and experience from the “new” Member States to the targeted countries and vice-versa.   

Final Conference on the 16th October 2013 in Brussels (event by invitation only)

 More information will follow soon.

Outcomes of the LLL Enlargement Project (to follow)

For more information about this event, please contact the EACB Secretariat  ( secretariat@eacb.coop)



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